Board Meeting Minutes Archive » BOD Meeting Minutes- December 8, 2020

BOD Meeting Minutes- December 8, 2020

ABS Board Meeting 12/8/2020

Ellen called the meeting to order at 5:47pm

Roll call was led by Ellen Heck.  Members responding to the roll call included Ellen Heck, Christopher Gilmore, Kyle Barnes, Larry Barron, Ellen Coble, Brian Cole, Amber Dalholt, Brittany Emery, Kelly Emling, Chrissy Hardy, Jennifer Holman, Shannon Meares, Griff Morgan, Dani Parker-Moore, Lara Hanes Pierce, Bill Scheidt

Non-voting Members:  Robin Hollis, Paige Raper

Parent Council Members:  Katherine White, Becky Dickson

November Minutes were distributed prior to the meeting.  Motion to Approve November minutes from Brian Cole, seconded by Lara Hanes Pierce.  November Minutes approved.

November financials were distributed prior to the meeting.  Review of November Financials, a motion from the Finance Committee to approve the results of last year’s audit, and a motion from the Finance Committee to approve the updated budget were presented by Kyle Barnes.  There were no issues identified on the audit.  Very little in the way of changes were made to the budget after receiving the updated ADM from the State.  It was highlighted that the PPP loan is going to be in this year’s budget due to rules of accounting.

Motion to approve November Financials by Shannon Meares, seconded by Griff Morgan.  November Financials approved.

The motion to approve the updated budget was seconded by Christopher Gilmore.  The updated budget was approved.

The motion to approve the updated budget was seconded by Brian Cole.  The results of last year’s audit were approved.


Development Committee updates were presented by Ellen Coble.  Members of the committee are working to identify individuals that may be asked to contribute financial gifts toward the courtyard project.  The Committee is also working on grants from local organizations and organizations outside the Triad for funding.  Ellen estimates 10-15 calls will be made by the end of the year.

Nominating Committee updates were presented by Ellen Heck.  The deadline for Board applications is approaching and the Committee is accepting names for potential candidates.  There is a nomination process link on The ABS website under the Board tab.  Candidates also have access to the application through the website.  Emphasis is continuing to be placed on maintaining a diverse Board.  Members who are rotating off are in accounting and facilities.  Applications will be reviewed in February 2021.

Executive Committee meetings continue to be held, the next being January 12, 2021.

Katherine White noted that there were no Parent Council updates.

The Principal’s Report was distributed prior to the meeting and presented by Robin Hollis.  A number of school calendar considerations were listed, notably 180 days of instruction.  A 2021-22 draft calendar has been created to be shared with teachers, parents, and staff at the upcoming Parent Council meeting.  A proposed 2021-22 calendar will be presented at the January Board meeting.  

3rd-8th Grade MAP student achievement data was presented.  The national mean had to be adjusted downward due to performance issues associated with the COVID-19 crisis interrupting normal school operations.  ABS students continue to outperform the mean.  Participation rates were generally high despite remote learning and the testing being voluntary.  The next test will be held in February 2021.

Winter Break will be December 21, 2020- January 3, 2021

Next ABS Board Meeting is January 12, 2021

The ABS Board Retreat had to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 crisis

Shannon Meares asked why it was felt the 5th and 7th Grade MAP performances did not meet last year’s heights.  Robin and Paige Raper pointed toward cohort tracking from year to year and spoke to the discussions she’s had with teachers regarding programming and instruction.

Bill Scheidt asked whether this MAP testing information is made public.  Robin noted that any information shared in a Board meeting is made public, though individual student scores are not shared.

Other Business was presented by Griff Morgan and Ellen Heck.  A letter was received from a local attorney representing a student’s family making two allegations.  The first was that The School did not comply with the student’s right to a free appropriate public education and the second was that the student had been subject to bullying by one of his teachers.  The allegations are based on events that are approximately 2 years old.  The letter was turned over to The School’s insurance company who has provided a lawyer, Rick Pinto, from the Greensboro firm Pinto, Coates, Kyre, and Bowers.  Mr. Pinto responded to the letter on Friday December 4 and is awaiting a response.

The Board Retreat that typically is held in January of each year is postponed indefinitely, with a goal to meet prior to the start of the 2021-22 school year, subject to developments in the pandemic.  We will plan to speak about a 5-year plan at that retreat.

The Arts Based School Supporting Organization met.  There is potential for the Summer Camp program to start on June 14 if there are appropriate developments in the COVID-19 response.

Motion to adjourn from Brian Cole, seconded by Shannon Meares.  Motion approved and meeting adjourned at 6:18pm.