BOD Meeting Minutes- November 14, 2017


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday November 14, 2017


In Attendance:

Joan Marie Belnap  
Kyle Barnes  
Kelly (Carswell) Emling x
Brian Cole x
Matthew Donnell x
Brittany Emery  
Chris Gilmore  
Chrissy Davis Hardy x
Cheryl Harry  
Ellen Heck x
Cheryl Hicks x
Michelle Taylor Kennedy x
Amy Lanning x
Debbie Linville x
Charlie McCurry x
Griff Morgan x
Kevin Nunley x
Linda Pass x
Bill Scheidt x
Suzanne Shuford x
Margaret Taylor x
Julia Toone x


Also in attendance: Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, Joy Blaser

  1. Meeting Called to Order – 5:45pm – Kevin Nunley calls the meeting to order.
  2. Approval of October Minutes – ACTION REQUIRED Motion to approve the October minutes made by Julia Toone, Debbie Linville seconds the motion. All are in favor with no one opposed. The October minutes are passed.
  3. Review of October Financial Results (Kevin Nunley for Brittany Emery) ACTION REQUIRED – Year to date we have a $228,000 deficit. This is mostly due to timing differences. $160,000 in local revenue from the county hasn’t come in yet. There is also a difference from last year because we had expenses from the Alex Ewing Theater last year. As discussed last month, there is an increase in benefits this year. Kevin Nunley has asked if we will be at a deficit at the end of the year and there is a chance that there could be a slight deficit for the year but probably not. Margaret Taylor says if we have a deficit, we have a reserve that would cover it. Motion to pass the October financials made by Linda Pass. Brian Cole seconds the motion. All are in favor with no one opposed. The motion is passed.
  4. Capital Campaign Update (Kevin & Joan Marie) – The board has approved a feasibility study with Whitney Jones. There have been two meetings with Whitney and a meeting with the W-S Foundation. It looks like we would be on the 2020 calendar for the WS Foundation for a larger campaign. There is a chance that someone drops out which might move us to an earlier spot. We would start sooner but the public announcement for corporate giving would be on the calendar. Names have been brainstormed to help with the study. We expect the feasibility study to take us into January. Charlie McCurry asks if Whitney gave any feedback on a possible goal for the campaign. We have talked about the last campaign being $500,000 and this is a bigger campaign so it needs a bigger message. That is what is being discussed right now. Robin Hollis says there are three meetings coming up when we will be discussing this more.
  5. Facilities Update (Kevin Nunley) – Kevin Nunley has been talking with Jeff Brinker and now has elevations. The next step (in the next week or so) is to set up meetings with builders. Kevin and Robin had lunch with Neil to update him. Neil would still love to be involved with the school and wants to help if he can. Griff’s group is still discussing replication and Neil mentioned this as a way he can still be involved if we were to buy the buildings. We have not said that we are officially ready to replicate. Immediate need is still for more classroom space.
  6. Board Development Committee Update (Margaret) – Margaret will be creating and sharing a survey about potential board members. There will not be a list of names right now for the advisory council because several people may be helping with the feasibility study.
  7. Marketing Update (Ellen) – Marketing committee met and created a first batch of videos to create. There would be four categories using the colors from the ABS logo. How We Do It and Why, The Community, Traditions, and After ABS. Social Media policies were discussed. These could be published and professionally done. Margaret Taylor would like to see Resident Artists included in some videos. Michelle Kennedy says How We Do It…. Would also be helpful in educating the community. The professional look is great but also leaving room for some “raw” footage to be included. Brian Cole said sometimes he hires UNCSA grads who can work for an affordable fee.
  8. Parent Council Update (Joy Blaser) – There is no PC meeting this month due to holidays. There is a new parking/traffic committee working on ideas about some of the problems with parking. Joy thinks that since the meeting, things have gotten somewhat better in the parking lot. Robin held a Positive Discipline workshop last month. This was well attended. There will be a staff luncheon on Friday when teachers are conferencing. Ellen Heck asks how PC asks for volunteers. Joy says they announce at meetings and through Parent Reps. Robin mentions that we also use Help Counter, which would be a great way for the Marketing Committee to get volunteers.
  9. Principal’s Report (Robin) – The report was sent in advance of the meeting. NC School Report Card preliminary results are out. We can’t share them publicly yet but have scored a ‘B’ for our performance grade. Growth status was “met growth”. There is more data on there about acts of violence, how we spend money, allot funds, etc. A copy will be out at December’s meeting. A draft of the school calendar was sent. Easter falls very differently so that will likely change what spring break looks like. We go to school for 180 days. We will rename Columbus Day as fall break. We sent out an alumni survey to current 9th graders and are receiving results. We have some visitors from universities coming to look at ABS. They are considering opening a lab school. ABS Day at Bookmarks is on December 1st. Parent Kyle Webster will present at 3pm and 3rd grade student Gavin Deibler at 5:30. Drosselmeyer’s Tea and ABS Holiday Party the weekend of Dec 2nd and 3rd. Cheryl Hicks asks about how a ‘B’ school becomes and ‘A’ school. Do we look at that formally? Yes, we discuss the data with Parent Council, staff, and Board meeting.
  10. Other Business – Board retreat MLK weekend on Saturday morning. More details will be shared as they become available. No other business.
  11. Adjournment – 6:45pm Motion to adjourn by Margaret, seconded by Amy. All are in favor and no one is opposed.


Looking Ahead:



○      ABS Holiday Social – Saturday December 2nd

○      NEXT Board Meeting – Tuesday December 12th