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BOD Meeting Minutes- March 14, 2017


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

In Attendance: Joan Marie Belnap, Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, Griff Morgan, Lindsay Deibler, Kelly Carswell, Margaret Taylor, Bill Scheidt, Eric Prior, Linda Pass, Chrissy Hardy, Brittany Emery, Amy Lanning, Kevin Nunley, Michelle Kennedy, Suzanne Shuford, Cheryl Hicks, Emily Ball, Julia Toone, Cheryl Harry,


  1. Meeting Called to Order – 5:45PM – Meeting is called to order at 5:50.
  2. Approval of February 2017 Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes made by Eric Prior – seconded by Brittany Emery. All are in favor, the minutes are approved.
  3. Principal’s Report including Review and Approval of School Calendar – Alumni survey results of current ninth graders – 28 responses. Results were sent prior to the meeting for review. The respondent that was unsatisfied marked unsatisfied and very satisfied. Overall, we were very pleased with the results. This is one data point we will study. We’re also comparing ourselves to other middle schools in the area with regard to student achievement and other factors. 2017-2018 student calendar – this draft was sent before the meeting. We need to have 180 school days. We like to start before the school system so that students to accept a spot at ABS haven’t already started somewhere else. Parents liked the later start date because more camps and daycare might be available if we match the school systems end dates. Lindsay Deibler asks if the spring break is the same. It is but the school system might have different snow make-up days near spring break. Kevin Nunley makes motion to approve the calendar -Emily Ball seconds. All are in favor. The calendar is approved.
  4. Review of YTD financial statements – February financials went out. Everything is in line with where we should be at this time of year. Net loss of $38,000 in February. Net gain of $105,000 for the year. Eric Prior makes a motion to approve the financials, Linda Pass seconds, and all are in favor. The financials are approved.
  5. Audit Bids – We need to decide on an audit firm and we put it out for bid. We got four bids and the firm we’re currently using was the highest bid we received. Two bids were $7700, which is a $4600 savings. Les Merritt (based out of Raleigh) is the committee’s suggestion. A woman here knows a lot about charter school and used to work for Acadia. Kevin Nunley has worked with Les Merritt and finds them to be responsive. Joan Marie Belnap thinks it’s a benefit that someone there knows about us already. The audit normally takes place over the summer. The finance committee makes a recommendation. All are in favor.
  6. Board Nominations – We will delay this to next month.
  7. Facilities – The committee met a few weeks ago and toured the theater facility which is looking great. It’s been painted black, the lift is in, and most of the floor is in. We’re hoping to have a First Friday Sing in the space in April. The priority for the committee is the 7th Street expansion. Jeff Brinker’s wife is ill. Kevin Nunley has asked for an update and will find out if we need to move on with someone else. Water is still coming in the building and Kevin has contacted Neil and will contact Otis. Neil is planning to dig up the pipe over spring break to begin working on the problem. Eric, Kevin, Linda, and Robin went to a zoning planning meeting last week about some new apartments that will be built. Right now it’s zoned as pedestrian but they are trying to change it to commercial industrial which doesn’t have any parking requirements. There was a split decision. There are no site plans yet so ABS reps went to share concerns about traffic/parking. Connie James talked with Linda Pass and there are no plans to add anything to MLK to help with people crossing the street. She suggested we look at our arrival and dismissal times to minimize the number of cars at once. Robin Hollis has gotten feedback that the most helpful things was stopping parking on 7th Street. There is a perception that it’s safer. Linda Pass asks about a large loop coming in from 7th Street and re-grading the hill. Robin suggests waiting to see how things change when the new apartment complex on Patterson opens up and is in use. Amy Lanning asks if they will need new site planning approval before the zoning is decided. Eric Prior says yes they will.
  8. Communications/Marketing – No progress yet from Capture on our branding “rules”.
  9. Financial Development – Emily Ball says we’re in the second week of Annual Giving with the families. So far, it’s going very well. The total as of today is $31,000. The participation level is about 14%, which is about normal for this time, but the amount is higher. We’re still trying to reach 100% with our board. Emily Ball has copies of the information that was sent out to parents if anyone wants to see it.
  10. Adjournment – 6:45PM – The meeting is adjourned


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