BOD Meeting Minutes- September 13, 2016


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday September 13, 2016

In Attendance: Robin Hollis, Bill Scheidt, Joan Marie Belnap, Charlie McCurry, Suzanne Shuford, Margaret Taylor, Emily Ball, Doug Punger, Debbie Linville, Griff Morgan, Charles Cleveland, Kevin Nunley, Amy Lanning, Brittany Emery, Nigel Alston, Chrissy Hardy, Cheryl Harry, Julia Toone, Lindsay Deibler, Heather Smith, Eric Prior, Chris Gilmore



  1. Meeting Called to Order, Introduction of New Board Members – 5:45PM – Meeting called to order at 5:45. Introductions are made.
  2. Approval of August 2016 Minutes- ACTION REQUIRED 5:45-5:50PM Motion to approve the August 2016 meeting minutes made by Nigel Alston and seconded by Heather Smith. All are in favor with no one opposed. The minutes are approved.
  3. Review of August Financials – Brittany Emery– 5:50-6:00PM – This month’s financials are compared to last year’s because we front load the purchase of supplies and curriculum materials. This year is pretty much in line with where we were last year. The donation from Alex Ewing is in there and salaries increased from last year. We have used a good bit of the facilities budget for the backspace renovation. Next month the finance committee will bring forward an amended budget based on an actual per pupil allotment and actual number of students.
  4. Principal’s Report – Robin Hollis- 6:00-6:20 PM – The state counts the first 20 days of school to get an average enrollment number for the year. We will average at about 517 students. Student achievement – we are required to administer the state tests. Third graders took the BOG last week. Read to Achieve requires that students show proficiency in reading by the end of third grade. This test is one way to show proficiency. We also use mClass, MAP, and EOG. MAP and mClass is given throughout the year so students have several chances to show proficiency. Other students take MAP tests in the fall so we have data with which to show growth throughout the year. Teachers use the data to decide what to teach next and who needs extra challenges. Nigel Alston asks about students who are already proficient and whether that affects growth. Mrs. Hollis says it is a quadrant of students that is sometimes difficult to show growth. Doug Punger asks about the new kindergarten assessment that is being piloted. Mrs. Hollis replies that charters are not required to do this now.
    1. Approval of Staff Handbook –This should be ready for October’s meeting.
    2. Approval of Concussion Policy –ACTION REQUIRED State legislation now requires that all schools have a plan on file for how they will be supported after a head injury. In the case of a head injury, the school is aware of the situation. If the injury lasts longer than what was originally thought, a 504 plan may be implemented. It also requires that our staff be trained in recognizing signs of concussion. This will happen at a staff meeting this year but in August during our other medical training in future years. Charles Cleveland asks if a physician has looked at the plan. Mrs. Hollis replies that the actual plan comes from a physician. This is just how we will address it at school. Doug Punger makes a motion to approve our concussion plan and Kevin Nunley seconds the motion. All are in favor. No one opposed. The plan is approved. One more staffing update: A fabulous kindergarten teacher, Martha Holland, will need to retire. We have spent the last two weeks looking for a great fit. We did some interviews and sample lessons and we hired someone today. We hope both lead teachers can overlap with each other for an easier transition.
  5. Committee Assignments – 6:20-6:30 PM – Joan Marie Belnap sent the list of committees and chairs out via e-mail prior to the meeting. Board members should work in committees some now and then it can be readjusted if necessary after the strategic plan is written. If you haven’t talked with Joan Marie about your committee work, please see her soon so committees can meet (perhaps by conference call) before the October meeting. Julia Toone asks if there is historical information available on committees. Mrs. Hollis replies that for Julia’s committee there is not. Mrs. Hollis and Mrs. Siebert traditionally worked on communications and marketing. Mrs. Hollis says SLT members usually come to the January retreat. SLT members have already started working on gathering information that will be needed to work on the strategic plan.
  6. Facilities Update – 6:30-6:40 PM – Kevin Nunley reported last month that the backspace renovation hit a roadblock as we waited for the structural engineer to provide a report. We are now currently working on footings, as the footings were insufficient for the upgraded space. The 7th St space is finished and came in below budget by a few hundred to a thousand dollars. That’s good. We may need that money to help pay for drainage corrections. Linda Pass had someone run a camera through the drains. They found that the lower of two pipes is plugged and this can’t be fixed without also working on the upper pipe. We will need to ask the railroad for permission to work on their easement. This can take up to 6 months. There is no car dealership sitting on Otis’s property right now so it might be a good time to talk with him about getting on the property to do work. We also need to discuss it with Neal Foster. Robin Hollis explains to new members that when there are very heavy rains, we sometimes have flooding in the 7th St building.
  7. Other Business – 6:40-6:50 PM –Emily Ball is organizing Fall Fest and has some jobs for volunteers (like operating Square at check-in). The date is October 1st.
  8. Adjournment – 6:50PM Emily makes a motion to adjourn the meeting and Debbie Linville seconds the motion. All are in favor with no one opposed. The meeting is adjourned.


Looking Ahead:



○      The NEXT Board Meeting – Tuesday October 11th