BOD Meeting Minutes – August 13, 2013

ABS Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2013

Member: Frank Wood, Robin Hollis, Doug Punger, Mary Benton, Brooks Jones, Gayle Anderson, Charles Cleveland, Joan Marie Belnap, Amy Lanning, Renee Semones, Julee Nunley, Alex Ewing, Bill Wright, Hal Johnson

Guests: Paige Raper, Liz Green


Meeting called to order at 5:49pm

Committee Reports:

Board Development- Charles. Charles reported that the committee nominated a new member, Kathy Goliszek, and she accepted our invitation. Her husband Andy is a photographer who participated in previous years’ Quick Draw. She is on the Piedmont Craftsman’s board and involved with Forsyth College. She has her Masters degree in HR. She will be joining the board class of 2016. Charles brought forth the nomination of Kathy Goliszek. The motion passed unanimously.

Parent Council:

Julee Nunley reported for PC. They are recruiting classroom reps for teachers, and recruiting parents to be event and logistics coordinators. PC will host teacher breakfast next Monday for teachers and class reps to meet. PC will provide a coffee for kindergarten parents on Wed, Thurs, and Fri mornings next week. First PC meeting is on Sept 13th. Joan Marie asked that annual campaign responsibilities continue to be part of the class reps responsibilities. Julie will get more information and include it in their parent rep packets. Long term Joan wants to start recruiting for Annual Campaign in September, but this year, with capital campaign, AC will likely happen in the spring.

Capital Campaign-Joan Marie Joan Marie reported that three $50,000 grants have been submitted. And one $25,000 to Winston Salem Foundation was submitted and there will be a site visit this month. We have already received $50,000 in commitment from the board. If all grants are secured, we will be at $240,000 in funds promised. Mary Benton asked if we could ask for grants from the Arts’ Council. Robin responded that we already do get funds from them that support our resident artists program.

Personnel Committee: Doug Punger Doug reported that the committee met and will be distributing a philosophy of compensation which will be distributed to board and shared with school leadership team.

Finance Renee reported that we’d originally anticipated a $243,000 reserve/surplus. That number will be more $218,000 because there has been some fluctuation and an error in spreadsheet. Also ADM came in $95 less per child than we expected. Federal dollars will remain similar to years past. Local dollars are $1,936 per pupil, and local dollars have stayed the same. We collect local student funding from the county in which the child lives. We get monthly payments from the county based on average enrollment. The state pays us on the 20th day.


Approval of July minutes: Gayle made a motion so approve. Doug seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Staff Faculty roster

Robin reported that we are fully staffed. We have one addition to the roster. We now have a part time Spanish teacher, Emily MacMillan. Alex made a motion to approve the roster. Frank seconded the motion. Roster motion passed unanimously

Faculty/Staff Roster for Board Approval 2013-14



Robin Hollis-Principal

Paige Raper- Assistant Principal

Mary Siebert-Arts Director


Teaching Staff


Martha Holland

Megan Sizemore

First Grade

Liz Green

Second Grade

Jess Broughton

Leigh Cohen

Erin Hopkins

Third Grade

Scarlet Sink

Leni Fragakis

Fourth Grade

Becky Koza

Lee Ann Farrell

Lenora Simpson

Fifth Grade

Marjorie (Walter-Echols) Chapman

Renee Meeks

Sixth Grade

Yvonne Leab

Danielle Tarmey

Arts Specialist

Jan Adams-Dance

Peter Wilbur-Music

Betsy Messick-Art K-4

Donna Wright- Art 5-8

Teaching Assistants

Lisa Kinnamon-K

Tiffany Parris-K

Dorothy White-K

Dawanna Benjamin-1st

Front Office

Angela Wise-Business Manager

Stephanie May- Operations Manager

Support Staff

Whitney Lang- Exceptional Children

Ceci McGuire- Title I Reading Specialist

Amanda Sullivan- Counselor

Claire O’Boyle- Production Assistant


New Hires

Anne Campbell – Third Grade Teacher

Nicole Howard -First Grade Teacher

Sherell McArthur -First Grade Teacher

Brittany Ravestein -Kindergarten Teacher

Crystal Martin -Seventh Grade LA/SS Teacher

Jessica Hutchison -Seventh Grade Math/Science Teacher

Donna Brown- Receptionist 5-8

Nicole Whitaker -Receptionist K-4

Laura Lynn Frazier-Fifth Grade Teacher

Hadera Lowrance – First Grade Teaching Assistant

Trish Goldberg -First Grade Teaching Assistant

Heidi McIver- K-8 Drama Teacher

Peter Perret- Band

Emily MacMillan- Spanish Teacher

Not Returning

Desiree Payne- Kindergarten Teacher

Danielle Mitchell-Third Grade Teacher

Ellen McEnaney- Receptionist


Mary asked for the Boards accept and approve the 5 year strategic plan as submitted. Alex made a motion. Gayle seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Ribbon cutting ceremony, September 12 at 1:00pm. Brooks and Robin reported about the Ribbon cutting ceremony for 7th St building. The stairs will be the platform and the gathering will be in the courtyard space of 7th St. building. There will be a 10-15 minute presentation. Students will play drums and give tours. There will be a ribbon cutting, and a creation of a commemorative work of art by those in attendance. Brooks is creating the ribbon cutting invitation and will send further information later.

Insurance: Doug reported that finance committee met and selected Hanover Insurance. The premium for the insurance is cheaper than what was budgeted for this school year.

Legislation: Doug distributed and reviewed a summary of the main points of the Legislative Report in 2013 that effect charter schools. There are new guidelines regarding sibling and employee preferences which will impact our lottery. Charter schools may add one grade higher without state approval. Weapons are now permitted on school campuses, but must remain in a locked car. There is a Tax Break for Charter School Property taxes. In our budget “Other tax” is $20,000, Renee will check to see how much of that is property tax. Personal property is not taxed. There is a slight increase in allocation for EC children. Legislature eliminated future increased payment for teachers with masters degrees. Teachers currently holding degrees will be grandfathered in and continue to receive their pay increase. There is a new voucher program being funded next year which took $11 million out of allocation per pupil for public schools, which will impact charter school funding. We can apply for grants to get a school resource officer. Gayle asked about the new board that oversees charter schools. Doug speculates we will likely be working with new people in charter school office. Robin noted that the charter school office has been responsible for approving and denying charters, and they put another board in place to also be able to grant charters and shut down schools. We will be dealing with them when we begin our renewal process.

Principal’s Report: Robin reported that the Hard Hat Party was a success. We have temporary certificate of occupancy. We will get permanent one when some of the exterior fencing and gates are installed. We will have a permanent certificate of occupancy by the first day of school.

Robin explained about the new traffic pattern. Parents will enter from Chestnut, drive up toward MLK, loop around, and all children will be loaded by the fire escape/loading dock, and exit out 7th St. This prevents children from having to cross traffic. Robin spoke with the neighbors on Chestnut St. about the new traffic plan. We will not be using the gravel lot for parking in the afternoon. K-2 will dismiss at 2:30, 3-7 will dismiss at 2:45.

Doug made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 6:44pm.