Board Meeting Minutes Archive » BOD Meeting Minutes- October 13, 2020

BOD Meeting Minutes- October 13, 2020

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Virtual Meeting due to COVID Pandemic Winston-Salem, NC October 13, 2020

In Attendance: Robin H, Ellen H, Lara H-P, Paige R, Griff M, Kathrine W, Becky D, Julia T, Brittany, Kyle, Suzanne S, Jennifer H, April R-A, Mary S, Kelly, Amber D, Michelle, Chris G, Ellen C.


Ellen Heck called the meeting to order at 5:49pm

The roll from the previous meeting’s minutes were addended then April moved to approve and Julia seconded. Minutes were then approved.

Kyle presented financials, reporting that teacher bonuses were fully state funded. Chris G moved to approve and Lara seconded. Financials were approved.

Committee Updates: Development Committee (Ellen Coble)- Following Robin’s 10/2 presentation we were granted a tentative spot for Winter 2023 with the Winston-Salem Foundation.

The courtyard project was noted to be a separate project from replication.

The music technology project is on hold for now secondary to having to use different technology for remote learning.

We’ve received $12,225 in gifts; 6% of families and 22% Board participation for the Annual Giving Campaign

Nominating Committee (Griff Morgan)- Charlie is stepping down

Facilities Committee (Ellen Heck)- Neil Foster’s revised estimate is $729,875

Finance Committee (Ellen Heck)- The committee has met. Ellen Coble reported that we do have funds from the Capital Campaign and pledges. Kyle recommended circling up and reviewing the data.

Robin presented the Principal’s Report highlighting that the full staff was invited to a Racial Persity Institute workshop, partnering with the Downtown School to share cost. Sherell McArthur was accepted into the Minority Leadership Program at Appalachian State. Robin then requested for a motion to approve a weighted lottery for disadvantaged students. Shannon moved and Ellen Coble seconded. The motion passed.

Becky presented information from the Parent Council highlighting Katherine White’s 2-year-term as the newest co-chair. Amber Poindexter has moved into the Secretary position. Katherine reported comments from parents on remote learning. A family directory will be up soon for students and parents to connect with others. Becky asked if pods (cohorts) have been determined. The answer is not at this time.

Ellen Heck reminded Board members to visit the internet link for giving and donations

Lara moved to adjourn and Shannon seconded

Adjourned at 6:20pm