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Principal’s Report – August 2014

Principal’s Report August 2014 Board Meeting


  • Currently 511 students enrolled for fall
  • Budget built on 510 students
  • Waiting lists for all grades

Staff/Faculty Roster 2013-14 School Year

Board approval needed for Staff/Faculty Roster.


Policies for Board Consideration

Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices Policy **DRAFT**

Our middle school students have access to our computer network, laptops, and tablets for academic purposes. As a result, the following policy is in place regarding cell phones and personal electronics.

Cell phones and personal electronic devices are not to be used by students during the school day. Students must store unapproved electronic devices in a pocket or schoolbag for the entirety of the school day. Failure to do so will result in the device being held by a staff member until dismissal. E-readers (such as a Kindle or Nook) represent an exception to this rule, when used to read books already downloaded at home. Parents and students should recognize that loss of or damage to these devices is possible and the devices are the responsibility of the student. The Arts Based School is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen, phones or devices. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a disciplinary referral to the appropriate administrator.

Grading Scale for Grades 6th-8th

The Arts Based School will use a 7 point grading scale as follows:

A   93 – 100

B   85 – 92

C   77 – 84

D   70 – 76

F   69 and below

This is consistent with state public school policy and will provide an easier transition into public high school after 8th grade.

Snow day attendance policy is needed for staff.   The School Leadership team will gather examples and draft a policy for board review in September.