Board Meeting Minutes Archive » BOD Meeting Minutes- February 11, 2020

BOD Meeting Minutes- February 11, 2020

ABS MLK Building
Winston-Salem, NC
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

In Attendance:

Kyle Barnes  
Kelly Emling  
Brian Cole  
Amber Dalholt X
Brittany Emery X
Chris Gilmore  
Tomisha Gladman X
Chrissy Davis Hardy X
Ellen Heck X
Cheryl Hicks X
Jennifer Holman  
Michelle Kennedy Taylor X
Charlie McCurry  
Griff Morgan X
Dani Parker Moore  
Kevin Nunley X
Lara Hanes-Pierce  
April Ruffin-Adams  
Bill Scheidt  
Suzanne Shuford  
Dara Silver  
Margaret Taylor  
Julia Toone X


Also In Attendance: Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, Mary Siebert, Sam Pearce


  • Meeting Called to Order –6:45pm

  • Approval of December and January Minutes – ACTION REQUIRED – Quorum not met.

  • Review of December and January Financial Results (Brittany) – ACTION REQUIRED – Quorum not met. December Financials – Revenue of $2,589,000, expenses, $2,469,000. Capital Campaign is still not in public phase. We are still expecting a slight deficit for the year. The state still has not passed a budget. Capital Campaign in January is at net surplus of $111,000. Kevin asks if the supporting organization is still estimated to bring in $100,000. Yes. We will start working on 20-21 budget in the next month. $6800 for the audit with Les Merritt. This was the best price when we bid it out. The last time we bid we didn’t use Butler and Burke because there was a conflict. Would they have experience with a charter school? Motion from finance committee to contract with Les Merritt. The bid we got was just for the school not the supporting organization. It may be an additional $2300 to add the ABSSO.

  • Committee Updates –
    • Various – Kevin Nunley reports that contractors have come through and they are working on bids for us. There should be three reports coming in this month from builders. Once Neil chooses a builder, we will approve the rent increase that comes along with that.
    • Ellen Heck reports that the website has a new mock up and it may go live in a couple of weeks. Courtney Cashin is a parent who helped a lot with that.
    • No news with real estate since we talked last. We had a nice meeting where WSSU and UNCSA were excited to be partners.
    • Nominating committee is meeting on Thursday morning.
    • Diversity committee is looking for a good time to meet and review the diversity statements started at the retreat.
    • Julia Toone reports that the Development Committee members are working on sponsors for Community Creates. They are looking for a presenting sponsor at the $5000 level. Have a goal of $12,000-$15,000. Sam Pearce asks about the lowest level for sponsorship. $250. Ellen Coble will send sponsorship packages out. We are looking for connections if anyone has any ideas. Parent campaign is starting next month with a goal of $150,000. Parents raised $92,000 last time and it was a smaller school then. Board Annual Giving – usually comes at then end of the year but we had just asked for Capital Campaign. Eight members have already committee to annual campaign. Any amount is of value and shows commitment by the board. We can send out a link to online giving and we will do that following the board meeting.

  • Principal’s Report (Robin) – Mrs. Hollis included lottery numbers for this year. There were about 100 fewer applications than last year. State provides bonus money to teachers who are in the top 25% for growth on test scores. All 4th, 5th teachers received money and one 3rd grade teacher received money. Money comes from the state and goes right back out to teachers. Hoping to consider school calendar but can’t vote without a quorum. We asked teachers and parents for feedback. Feb 27th is Romeo and Juliet on the Border. There is plenty of room for everyone at First Presbyterian Church. Chrissy Hardy asks about early dismissals other than conference days. We have talked about that. It might be easier now that we have an afterschool program but we try to balance care for students and staff children. Fresh Take Conference – about 50/50 split on staff on whether we should do it again. Some staff think we could share on our own because our teachers are great presenters.

  • School Calendar Approval – ACTION REQUIRED – Quorum not met.

  • Parent Council Updates – Sam Pearce reports that we’re lining things up for Field Day and Staff Appreciation Week. Books are coming in for teachers and the library from the Book Fair. Trying to find a way to have an evening Parent Council meeting with child care.

  • Other Business

  • Adjournment – 7:45pm – The meeting is adjourned.

Looking Ahead:

  • Board Meeting March 10
    • Community Creates – May 2