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BOD Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2015


Saturday January 17th, 2015



ABS Board Meeting Minutes  – January 17, 2015

In attendance: Robin Hollis, Chad Cleveland, Renee Semones, Eric Prior, Margaret Taylor, Charles Cleveland, Paige Raper, Peter Wilbur, Jessica Hutchison, Sherell McArthur, Laura Luykx, Bill Wright, Shannon Wright, Mary Siebert, Amy Lanning, Alex Ewing, Michelle Lawrence

Call to order at 11:09 – Paige Raper sent the minutes from the December board meeting by e-mail.   Chad Cleveland made the motion to approve the minutes, Margaret Taylor seconded the motion. All were in favor and no one opposed. Motion passed unanimously.

Principal’s report: Mrs. Sizemore announced on Tuesday that she would not return from maternity leave. Scarlet Sink is stepping in and starting on Tuesday. Parents and children were notified on Thursday. Enrollment lottery: We will shift the start time of the February meeting to accommodate the lottery. The lottery begins at 5:45 and the Board meeting will start at 6:45. The school system uses a computerized lottery system. We use lottery/bingo balls to provide transparency. We are way ahead with numbers of lottery applications received so far. We expect to have more than last year. We ask current parents about their intent to return to ABS for another year and we use that information to know how many spots are available. Eric Prior encourages everyone to attend the lottery and see how popular our school is. Kindergarteners will perform Peter and the Wolf at School of the Arts next month.

Renee Semones – December financials – We are 6 months into the year and the budget looks good. Revenue is at the 50% mark. There are a few fluctuations due to timing. Expenses are right at the 50% mark. We have a $119,000 profit at the end of December. That includes the operating reserve.

Eric would like to vote on strategy group structure. The proposal is to divide efforts into 3 strategy groups. We will be asking Doug Punger to weigh on this officially. The leader of strategy groups will provide a recommendation to the board on the structure of their group. Members will participate by appointment. Peter Wilbur reminds everyone that staff members can give input through School Leadership Team members who may sit in on strategy groups. The motion is to form 3 strategy groups: financial stability, buildings and grounds, and organizational development. Motion to pass was made by Kevin Nunley. It was seconded by Chad Cleveland. All were in favor, no opposed. The motion passes unanimously.

No other business for January meeting. Adjourned at 11:27.