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BOD Meeting Minutes – April 8, 2014


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014.
Members: Robin Hollis, Joan Marie Belnap, Leigh Cameron-Atkins, Renee Semones, Alex Ewing, Eric Prior, Gayle Anderson, Hal Anderson, Damion Massey, Bill Wright, Heather Smith, (Mary Benton—by phone to make quorum)
Guests: Liz Green, Paige Raper, Julie Nunlee


  1. Meeting Called to Order – 5:45PM

The meeting was called to order at 5:55pm.

  1. Approval of March 2014 Minutes – ACTION REQUIRED – 5:45-5:47PM

Eric noted that Kathy Goliszek and Debbie Linville needed to be added to attendance in the March minutes. The March minutes were approved unanimously with the revision of adding Debbie and Kathy.

  1. Review of OSHA report and Testing Calendar changes (Robin) – 5:47-6:00PM

Robin gave her principal’s report:

North Carolina Read to Achieve

Ҥ 115C-83.1A. State goal. The goal of the State is to ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.

The State uses the EOG Reading test in 3rd grade to determine proficiency. The updated law allows LEA and charter schools to use alternate assessments to demonstrate proficiency for students who do not pass the EOG.   Robin proposed using two existing tests that ABS already administers to determine reading proficiency:

—mCLASS Reading 3D: TRC (Text Reading and Comprehension)

The Arts Based School proposes using the established North Carolina cut scores (currently reading level P) as a means of demonstrating third grade reading proficiency as required by Read to Achieve legislation.

—Measures of Academic Progress (MAP):

The Arts Based School proposes using the nationally established status norm RIT scores for end-of-year third grade (currently 199) as a means of demonstrating third grade proficiency as required by Read to Achieve legislation.

Each of these tests are considered to be valid and reliable instruments in determining grade-level reading proficiency. ABS had 23 third grade students who did not pass the BOG (beginning of grade) test. If we used mClass and MAP, only 9 are struggling to show proficiency. Robin requested the board approve a proposal to use mClass and MAP as valid and reliable instruments to determine grade level reading proficiency. The board voted and approved the motion unanimously.

School Calendar Amendment

New EOG testing requirements state that all tests must be administered within the last 10 days of school.  We used to have 27 days to administer testing. We need to test third grade reading on the first day of testing (May 22) to have results required to identify students needing retests. (If a student in third grade requires retest, they must be given 2 opportunities within the last 10 days of testing window.)  If we test reading on May 22 we must then test math on May 23.  Testing requirements state that tests must be given on consecutive days.

The problem is that May 23 is currently scheduled as a half day.  We can not administer a test on a half day because it requires 240 minutes to administer.

Proposals:  Change May 23 to a full day of school to accommodate testing.  Move early dismissal to Wednesday, May 21 to allow teacher preparation time for conferences.

Robin would like to have board approval for this calendar change for current school year, as well as 2014-15 school calendar.

The board voted and unanimously approved the motion to change the calendar for this year and for 2014-15.

OSHA Update

   The Arts Based School was chosen for a random OSHA inspection by NC Dept of Labor. The inspector spent the day at ABS unannounced reviewing policies, procedures, and practices that impact employee health and safety.   A report was received citing several violations.

-Bloodborne Pathogen training program required

-Hepatitis B vaccine had not been made available to employees

-Material safety sheets required for Elmer’s glue and tempera paint in art room

Blood born pathogen training was held and now needs to be conducted annually. We always provide training on wearing gloves, using epipens, etc. at beginning of year. We will now do blood born pathogen training in August with our mandatory medical training.

Hepatatis B vaccine has now been offered to employees. School must offer to vaccinate all employees. Employees have the option to decline. We also need sharps containers for epipens. Those have been ordered.

Robin will have an informal conference on April 9th with Mr. Harris at the Dept of Labor to discuss violations and reduction of penalties (currently $8000). She will inform him that all violations have been abated by providing Bloodborne Pathogen training, access to Hepatitis B vaccine, and copies of material safety sheets.

We had never been notified that we needed to have these things in place. All have been rectified. This was our first visit from OSHA in 12 years.

Charter School Renewal Visit

Friday, April 11 is our charter renewal visit. They will interview parents, teachers, students, and board members.

  1. Update on Community Creates (Heather) – 6:00-6:05PM

Heather and Robin gave an update on Community Creates. The event will be in the 7th St. building. There will be a tent in the courtyard with food and bars inside. The live auction will be outside. We have gotten positive responses from those in the community to whom we’ve sent invitations. Many have been sending donations in response to the invitations. First Tennessee is sponsoring the event! Artists and community leaders are working together to create pieces of art for the live auction.

  1. Review of YTD financial statements (Renee) – 6:05-6:10PM

Eric will email financials at a later date after the committee meets with the accountants.

  1. Update on Capital Campaign (Joan Marie/Gayle) – 6:10-6:15PM

Joan Marie gave an update on the annual campaign. The annual campaign is still occurring even though we have a capital campaign this year. Shannon Wright and Julie Nunley are working with class reps to have annual campaign over the next 5 weeks. Annual campaign contributions are due by June 30. Capital campaign donations can be made at any time.

  1. Review draft of proposed Financial Stability Strategy (Charles) – 6:15-6:40PM

Eric asked for feedback on the Financial Stability Strategy draft that he emailed. The draft was composed based on feedback from groups at last board meeting. Eric asked for suggestions and discussion at the next board meeting. He wants everyone to have a chance to weigh in before it is finalized. Organizational Development will be discussed at the next board meeting. We will be having board members rolling off at the end of the year, so we will need to look at what skill sets we need.


  1. Other Business – 6:40-6:45PM

Eric asked about budget. Robin noted that we need to turn in budget by July 1. Committee with bring a draft to the board in May, and a final copy for approval in June.

  1. Adjournment – 6:45PM

Eric adjourned the meeting at 6:38.


Looking Ahead:



○      The NEXT Board Meeting – Tuesday May 13th

○      Community Creates – Saturday April 26th