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BOD Meeting Minutes- May 14, 2019


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday May 14, 2019

In Attendance:


Kyle Barnes x
Kelly Emling x
Brian Cole  
Amber Dalholt  
Brittany Emery x
Chris Gilmore  x
Tomisha Gladman x
Chrissy Davis Hardy x
Ellen Heck  x
Cheryl Hicks  
Michelle Taylor Kennedy  
Charlie McCurry x
Griff Morgan x
Kevin Nunley x
Linda Pass x
Lara Hanes-Pierce  
April Ruffin-Adams x
Bill Scheidt  
Suzanne Shuford x
Margaret Taylor   
Julia Toone  

Also in attendance: Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, Becky Dickson, Lisa Hill 



  • Meeting Called to Order – 5:45pm – Meeting called to order by Kevin 
  • Nunley at 5:51. 
  • Approval of April Minutes – ACTION REQUIRED – Motion to approve the April minutes made by April Ruffin-Adams and seconded by Tomisha Gladman. All are in favor with no one opposed. The minutes are approved. 
  • Review of April Financial Results (Brittany) – ACTION REQUIRED – We are at $4.2M revenue and 3.9 M expenses. We expect to even into that in the next month or so. We are a little over budget right now for Whitney Jones and construction that were not part of the original budget. Once those are taken out, we should be where we were. Motion to approve made by Kyle Barnes and seconded by Chris Gilmore. The financials are approved. 
  • Approval of ’19-’20 Budget – ACTION REQUIRED –  The budget is in line with what we did last year. Robin Hollis reminds everyone that we won’t know real numbers from the state until much later. Motion to approve comes from the finance committee with a second from Griff Morgan. All are in favor with no one opposed. The budget is approved. 
  • Committee Updates – Various – Executive Committee – Griff Morgan – Dize building area – we hear the price on that is $2M before renovations. 1001 N. Marshall -The owners have drawn up two scenarios for us. The second one has the K and 1st grade in the old AC Delco building with older grade levels on the second floor. There would be other groups in that property as well. Thomasville location is the preference of the committee. It has enough space for us, enough green space for the school, and has a workable drop off and pick up for the school. The cost would be $400,000 with a gift back to the capital campaign of $100,000. This is as-is and would need a lot of work. We don’t have a cost on that construction yet. We should think about entering some sort of minimal contract for 60-120 days while we get more information. Kevin Nunley reports that there are multiple buildings on the property. It is pretty much an open shell much like this building was when we started with it. There is a two-story building that would be great for classrooms, an open building area that has potential for other things like a theater for rehearsals and performances, and lots of green space. We’d like to take the due diligence period to gather more information. We would use this time to figure out if we could fix the space to be a school we want and whether or not we can afford to do the work. We could walk away at any point and we wouldn’t put any money in until the end of the period if we want to continue with the process and the owners. The owners are open to working with us. The committee would come back to the board before entering a contract with anyone else (architect, etc.). Chrissy Hardy asks if we’re thinking about maybe having some space at the new site that we don’t have here. Possibly. We would love to have a larger theater than the one we have here. We would love a larger music space than what we have now. Chrissy Hardy asks what the ideal timeline would be. Fall of 2021 if possible. Locking a location in would help with the capital campaign. Becky Dickson asks if we will test for contaminants? Yes, Duke Power already has responsibility to take care of things at the site. Kyle Barnes asks about possibly partnering with UNCSA. Griff says Brian Cole has toured the Thomasville building and is very hopeful that there could be a partnership. Motion to approve entering a due diligence contract with the owners of the Thomasville property for 60-120 days made by Griff Morgan. Seconded by Suzanne Shuford. All are in favor with no one opposed. The motion is approved. Kevin Nunley will email a report out to the board with details once the contract is finalized. Ellen Heck – Communications – We re-evaluated our plans. We’re planning to pull back on re-branding right now. We want to do this right when we do it. We still want to work on the website, vectorizing the logo, turning the handwriting into a font, etc. The capital campaign planning committee met and had an organizational meeting. Everyone who attended was were excited to talk about the possibilities.
  • Principal’s Report (Robin) – End of grade and end of course testing is coming up. 3rd-8th grade take math and reading. 5th and 8th grade also take science are online. Testing begins May 24th and ends on June 7th. Parents receive score reports at parent conferences. Federal grants are due in June. Title I, Title II, and IDEA are required. Motion for Robin Hollis to submit those grants made by Chrissy Hardy and seconded by Charlie McCurry. All are in favor. School report card was released. We already reported to the board that we received a ‘B’ grade and exceeded the growth expectation. We put a lot of focus and resources into guided math training. Math is where our major growth showed up so it’s nice to see how much that helped. Community Creates was a lot of fun and raised $47,000 which was our best event so far. The sponsorships really helped and will be a continued area of focus for the development team. 1st grade shows started today. Each teacher has a different day. 8th grade graduation on June 6th. 
  • Parent Council Updates – This Friday is the last PC meeting and we will be holding board elections. We are still looking for field day help in the 7th St building. Annual Giving has been run by parents in the past and now we have staff members in a development role. We may leave that Parent Council position empty for now and see how it goes next year. 
  • Other Business – Ellen Heck asks what we should share about replication. Everything we discuss in board meetings is public record. Two years ago the board voted to pursue replication and we’re looking at possible locations. There are a lot of people who want this type of education on the waitlist. 
  • Adjournment – 6:45pm – Motion to adjourn by Kevin Nunley, seconded by Kyle Barnes. All are in favor and the meeting is adjourned. 


Looking Ahead:


  • Board Meeting – June 11