BOD Meeting Minutes- November 13, 2018


ABS 7th Street Building

Winston-Salem, NC

Tuesday November 13, 2018





Kyle Barnes  
Kelly Emling x
Brian Cole  
Amber Dalholt  
Brittany Emery x
Chris Gilmore  
Tomisha Gladman x
Chrissy Davis Hardy x
Ellen Heck x
Cheryl Hicks x
Michelle Taylor Kennedy x
Charlie McCurry x
Griff Morgan x
Kevin Nunley x
Linda Pass x
Lara Hanes-Pierce  
April Ruffin-Adams  
Bill Scheidt  
Suzanne Shuford  
Margaret Taylor x
Julia Toone x

Also in attendance: Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, Joy Blaser, Becky Dickson,



  1. Meeting Called to Order – 5:45pm – Kevin Nunley called the meeting to order at 5:48.
  2. Approval of October Minutes – ACTION REQUIRED – Motion to approve the minutes made by Julia Toone and seconded by Kelly Emling. All are in favor with no one opposed. The minutes are approved.
  3. Review of October Financial Results (Brittney Emery) ACTION REQUIRED – October numbers are in line with what we expect. Net revenue $1,551,000 and net deficit of $31,000. We did not get a lot of our federal and local money this month. Some of this comes quarterly. This reflects the changes from the amended budget approved last meeting. It includes $2000 towards the reserve so far. Motion to approve made by Linda Pass and seconded by Cheryl Hicks. All in favor with no one opposed. The financials are approved.
  4. Committee Updates (Various) – Griff Morgan – Strategic Planning Committee – Working on three projects: summer camp, teachers academy, find a location for replicated school. Real Estate Committee has met and identified some properties. We will take a tour tomorrow in a building on Waughtown with a lot of land. We are looking around the School of the Arts and contacting someone at Crossnore to discuss options. We are open to looking at things if anyone has any ideas. UNCSA is attractive because their Community Music School uses space primarily in the evenings and on weekends when we generally don’t. Facilities – We are not in the new space yet. We have had various delays but are making good progress now. The 5th grade team is working very well under less than ideal conditions. No water has come in with this most recent heavy rain. There is new concrete poured outside the new construction and a concrete curb between the buildings. They have also worked on a cap to make the wall more waterproof. There is also new waterproofing on the inside of the wall. Having the walls open still in 6th grade is not what we want but it allowed us to see inside to make absolutely sure that there is no water entering and there isn’t. Board nominating committee – Board applications are being accepted now and more will come in as prospective parents come on tours.
  5. Parent Council Update – Fall Fest was a week and a half ago. It went well and kids had a good time. It raised $1,600.00. The Book Fair did well and ABS won the Bookmarks contest for the most students participating in the summer reading program.
  6. Principal’s Report (Robin) – The state has not released the NC School Report Card due to the hurricanes. Preliminary results show we will have a ‘B’ and have exceeded growth expectations. The info will be available for release in December. Exceeding the growth standard occurred primarily in math. This is great since we spent time and money on training teachers last year. High School Info Night is coming up. Mrs. Raper hosts local traditional, magnet, and private schools. Annual Giving – This is typically in the spring but we have shifted to the fall to work with donors interested in end-of-year giving. To date we are at $8,000 and letters have gone out to families and board members. Ellen and Leah have been working on making this systematic and replicable in future years. We ask the board to participate at 100%. It helps with grant applications, etc. We have launched our Instagram account. Our goal is to post three times a week. Theater update – Not only are the fifth graders having to teach/learn in the theater but it also prevents us from performing and rehearsing in the theater. Mary worked with First Presbyterian Church and we will have Lion King, Romeo and Juliet, and Brundibar in that space. Holiday Party is traditionally on a Saturday evening at school. We might try a Friday night, we might try Wiseman, etc.
  7. Other Business – Summer Camp – Stephanie, Paige, and Robin are crunching numbers working on a summer camp possibility. We will have more updates as we get more numbers together. Margaret asks if the parent reps are still involved in getting parent participation in the Annual Fund. Yes, parent reps are involved but Ellen and Leah suggested a few changes that will help out with some reps feeling uncomfortable making certain calls, etc. Michelle Kennedy asks if we were an ‘A’ school last year. No, we were a ‘B’ school last year. Adjournment – 6:45pm Margaret makes a motion to adjourn and Griff seconds. All in favor with no one opposed. The meeting is adjourned.


Looking Ahead:



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