Board Meeting Minutes Archive » BOD Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2014

BOD Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2014

ABS Board meeting.
Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm

Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion passed.

Eric asked for questions on financial statements. Gayle asked about cost of Internet access. Instructional equipment was also way over budget. Gayle said we need to find out why these costs are above budget and how we will deal with them before year end. Comments were made by parents of students that there were problems at beginning of year with Time Warner.

Mary Benton noted that income for the year is not or may not be producing enough reserves for capital expenses. It appears we will have a $49,000 surplus at the end of the year. Issue:  is a sum of $144,000 in or not in the operating budget? (I was unable to follow the details of this conversation because I did not have a spreadsheet in front of me.)

Eric said in my opinion was are trending very well on the budget.

Gayle reported on capital campaign for Joan Marie. Everyone who has not needs to get their list of prospective donors turned in.

community creates discussion. This is our sixth year. Many people who did it in the past are returning but we have some new artists as well. We have almost twenty pieces coming in. Invitation will go out by March board meeting. She will make list a google doc so board members can add their friends to the list so they will be sent an invitation. Date April 26th. May have tenting donated for courtyard by Hauser Rental.

discussed committees and need for new board members. Reviewed committee memberships. Noted need to assign new board members to committees.

Robin presented ABS school report card, a federal and state requirement. Report presented in a new format. We are spending more than 50% of our money on people.
Discussed how well are student test sores compare to the state.

Charles asked how we compare to other charters. Is there data on this?

Robin passed out packets for board members to use in approaching prospective donors.