Board Meeting Minutes Archive » BOD Special Meeting Minutes-July 21, 2020

BOD Special Meeting Minutes-July 21, 2020


Virtual Meeting due to COVID Pandemic
Winston-Salem, NC
Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Roll Call executed with members typing in their presence due to everyone being muted. A quorum was established.


  • Robin called the meeting to order and explained this special board meeting was called in order to talk about balancing safety and health metrics for the upcoming school year
  • It was emphasized that NC and Forsyth County metrics would be considered and that requirements to optimize staff and student safety continue to evolve
  • Governor’s announcement that schools could open under Plan B- 50% density, temperature checks, social distancing
  • Winston-Salem/ Forsyth County schools announced on 7/17 that they’d be re-starting under Plan C- Remote learning x9 weeks
  • Results of 2 parent and staff surveys conducted on 7/8 and 7/16 were shared that demonstrated a split over Plan B and Plan C, with a significant proportion of respondents that were undecided
  • Personnel Committee met the previous night and made a recommendation for Plan C
  • A 25 minute Q&A session was then held with the parents in attendance highlighted by suggestions over a trimester, questions regarding specials and arts instruction fielded by Mary, teacher “office hours”, materials exchange, recorded lessons being made available for on-demand instruction, support for families who need access to devices or USB drives for remote learning and those without internet, performances, safety profile of cleaners being used to disinfect the school, and how students will be counted as present.
  • Google Classroom will be used for grades 3 and up, and possibly for 2nd grade; Seesaw will be used for K-1 and possibly 2nd grade
  • Motion to move forward with the Personnel Committee’s recommendation was made by Ellen and seconded by Bill. Board voted unanimously to start with 9 weeks of remote learning
  • Motion to adjourn, seconded, meeting ended