Anna Hoffman » Anna Hoffman's 7th and 8th Grade Science Classroom

Anna Hoffman's 7th and 8th Grade Science Classroom

Hello! My name is Anna Hoffman. I spent 12 years teaching 7th Grade Science in both Charter and Public School settings. This past year I was able to venture into the world of clinical research and apply my science skills, but am thrilled to be back into teaching and looking forward to my first year at Arts Based! 
Science is truly a passion of mine! I have earned my BS in Animal Science from NC State University, my Masters Degree in Middle Grades Education from East Carolina University, and a Post-Bachelorette Certificate in Clinical Research from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. 
Family time is important to me. I have two fantastic kiddos who go to ABS- Jackson who is entering 4th Grade and Addison who will be a 1st Grader. Often times you will see us together at various festivals and community events, please say hello! We also enjoy all the local museums, zoos, and trails as we like to stay busy. 
A few of my interests include experiencing the outdoors in many varied ways including camping, gardening, and running at a pace where I truly can take in all of the various sights of nature! I am a true Disney fan and used to work at Disney World during several college internships so it is a big part of me. Reading and doing puzzles (any type!) are also a way I enjoy spending my time. 
Our curriculum in science for 7th and 8th Grades is diverse, but both grade levels are able to enjoy learning from the realms of Physical, Earth, and Biological Sciences. There is something for everyone packed into our explorations of how things work in our lives. More specifics on curriculum will be on the grade level pages. 
Truly, I thank you for sharing your students with me. I am looking forward to meeting all your fantastic middle school kiddos and know that this will be an excellent year. Reach out anytime with questions!