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Mrs. Meek's Class 2022-2023

Hello! My name is Mrs. Renee Meeks, and I love teaching. I have taught third, fourth and fifth grade here at Arts Based School. I have been employed here since 2004, and I love everything we do here. I love it so much I even got married here in 2007! SInce then I have had two wonderful little girls who also attend ABS; Allorah age 13  in 8th grade and Autumn, age 8, in 3rd grade. I also am a step mommy to an amazing 24 year old named Gavin. 
I love so many things it is often hard to narrow down my interests, but three of my favorite things are beach volleyball, reading, and nature. My husband and I own CrossFit Greensboro, so we try to stay active and encourage others to as well. I absolutely love the innocent yet powerful minds that I get to guide in fourth grade. I find students at this age have one foot in childhood and one foot in something bigger. Students in fourth grade are playful, yet still think deeply about important topics that all of us face. Often they are raw and honest about what they observe, and giggly and wiggly as they try new things. 
Our curriculum in fourth grade revolves around North Carolina. We explore the history, culture and geography of this great state. We also learn how to look at books critically, explore author's techniques, and read a larger range of genres. In math we introduce all those foundational math pillars that carry people through life, like multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry. In science we get to explore and experiment with electricity, rocks and minerals, animal adaptations and moon phases. How could you not love these topics?
I am thrilled to get to share the year with you and your child. Thank you for sharing this precious time with me. As a team I know we will make this year amazing and memorable.