ABS Thursday Notes- November 16, 2023

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November 16, 2023

Friday, Nov 17- Early Dismissal-Conferences

  • K-4 Dismiss at 11:45
  • 5-8 Dismiss at 12 noon

No School-Thanksgiving Break Nov 20-24

Reading Instruction at ABS

As we continue to work on academic success for all of our students, we are excited to share some insights into an essential aspect of your child's education – the science of reading. At the Arts Based School, our commitment to fostering strong literacy skills is guided by the latest research and methodologies that aim to empower every student to become proficient readers.

Understanding the Science of Reading:

The science of reading is a research-based approach that delves into how children learn to read and the most effective methods for teaching this crucial skill. We use evidence-based practices that draw from a wealth of scientific research in cognitive science, linguistics, and educational psychology.

Key Components of the Science of Reading:

  • Phonics Instruction: Research consistently supports the importance of explicit and systematic phonics instruction. Teachers at ABS use structured programs that teach students the relationships between letters and sounds, providing a strong foundation for decoding words.
  • Vocabulary Development: A rich vocabulary is fundamental to comprehension. Our educators are incorporating strategies to expose students to diverse and meaningful vocabulary, both through explicit instruction and immersive reading experiences.
  • Fluency Building: Fluency is the ability to read with accuracy, speed, and expression. We work to  develop fluency using strategies such as repeated reading and guided oral reading, to enhance comprehension and overall reading proficiency.
  • Comprehension Strategies: Beyond decoding words, understanding what is read is paramount. Teachers employ a range of comprehension strategies, including questioning techniques, graphic organizers, and discussions, to deepen students' understanding of texts.
  • Early Intervention: Identifying and addressing reading difficulties early is a priority in North Carolina.  The mClass DIBELS assessment is administered to assess and identify student reading needs.   Through early intervention programs and assessments, we aim to provide targeted support to students who may be at risk for reading challenges.

Our Collaborative Approach:

The science of reading is not just a set of strategies but a collaborative effort involving teachers, parents, and the community. We encourage you to engage with your child's reading journey by:

  • Reading Together: Establish a regular reading routine at home. Whether it's bedtime stories, shared reading, or discussing books, these interactions contribute significantly to literacy development.
  • Communication with Teachers: Stay in touch with your child's teachers. Regular communication ensures that you are aware of your child's progress and allows teachers to provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Support at Home: Reinforce classroom learning by providing a literacy-rich environment at home. Encourage activities such as writing, discussions, and visits to the library.

By understanding and embracing the science of reading, we can collectively empower our children to become confident and proficient readers. Together, let's embark on a journey that fosters a love for reading and equips our students with the skills they need for a lifetime of learning. Thank you for your continued partnership in your child's education.

Join us Monday, November 27 at 5:30pm at the Parent Council meeting for a presentation about Reading Instruction at ABS with Liz Green, Director of Curriculum, and Robin Hollis, Charter Director.


Picture Day-November 28

Smile!  November 28 is Picture Day!  All students will be photographed to be included in the school’s yearbook. To order pictures online, please visit www.strawbridge.net, click the red “Order Pictures and Yearbooks” button, and enter code  FM425176


Kiwanis-Kids- 3rd-5th Grade Families (Thursdays)

Does your child want to make a difference in our school, community, and the world? Your child is invited to join the K-Kids program at the Arts Based School. K-Kids is a service organization and a member of the Kiwanis Family, which sponsors our club. K-Kids provides the opportunity to develop self-esteem, leadership skills, morals and standards, and respect for others. Registration information was sent home in 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Thursday folders.  Here is the flyer if you need another copy!


Volunteers for Sewing Projects

Calling all stitchers!  We have a few costume and prop projects that require all skill levels.  It’s a great way to earn volunteer hours working at home.   If you can help, please complete this form.


High School Information

Mrs. Hollis sent an email to 8th grade families earlier this week about high school enrollment and registration. Please make sure you have received that information. If you live in Forsyth County, you can visit the Choice and Magnet Schools website for helpful information. Choice and Magnet applications are now open for grades 1-12.


8th Grade Video 

The 8th grade video of Disney’s The Lion King is now available on the Family Portal on the ABS website The password: Hakuna Matata

Prospective Parent Tours

School tours for prospective parents begin in October. They are scheduled weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30am at South Campus and Thursdays at 9:30am at North Campus. Each tour is limited to 10 adults in an effort to limit the disruption to our students and teachers in the classrooms. Parents interested in learning more about ABS and how to enroll their child, should contact the front office to sign up for a tour. 748-4116 ext 1023. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1. The lottery will be held the second Tuesday of February. 



Around Town

Annie Warbucks is the holiday-themed musical sequel to Annie. It will be performed at Theatre Alliance downtown from December 8th through 17th, Fridays at 7:30, Saturdays at 4:00, and Sundays at 2:00. A current ABS student plays Annie, and the cast also includes an ABS alum and a former ABS teacher, Tickets are at https://www.theatrealliance.ws/box_office/.

A Christmas Carol The Little Theatre's presents A Christmas Carol star-studded with ABS students.. The link to tickets is below! (Note that all ABS 7th graders will attend this production on December 15.)


Nutcracker Tea Party-SOLD OUT

UNCSA’s Preparatory Dance program offers a fun, 45 minute suite of dances from The Nutcracker featuring their young students, with a tea party afterwards, where visitors can meet the characters. The events sold out quickly.  We are working with UNCSA’s Prep Dance program to offer a special show just for ABS families.  More information soon…


Ways to get involved and learn more about ABS: