ABS Thursday Notes- October 19, 2023

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October 19, 2023

How We Do It and Why

By Mary Siebert

A live performance is the same no matter what genre it is. Wrestling, rock 'n roll, hosting, acting - it's the same thing. - Chris Jericho

The current 8th-grade class missed the opportunity to perform their 5th grade show live and in person. (They did make an amazing Zoom production during the pandemic, but as we all know…Zooming is nothing like a live performance.)  5th grade is the first year when our students perform a traditional play, where characters are assigned, lines are memorized, and the teacher remains in the wings. Learning to carry your own character and follow cues on your own, share your voice, use your skills, find the light…these are all skills that we keep working on and really take hold of in 5th grade.

In 6th grade, they were back in person, but masked. There were many new students, who had received none of our theater training at all. There were social challenges as they all returned to in-person interactions and brought the new kids into the fold. They performed their Math & Science Dances with Mr. Thao…but there were still no lines to speak, no songs to sing, no characters to portray.

Last spring, boom…they sang an opera together. Especially without the steps leading up to it, that took some real courage! (Could you sing an opera?) We wondered…can they do it? Will they do it? And they did it beautifully. And now, it’s time for Lion King. The director (Mr. Brown) and music director (Mr. Reichmeier) report that this bunch is going to blow the house down. They are all caught up, friends, look out for this crew!

Visiting choreographer Thao Nguyen brings fresh, new ideas for this year’s project, engaging our 8th graders more than ever before. Elizabeth Gledhill, our art teacher, has upgraded, redesigned, and repaired many elements of headpieces, masks, and props, and supervises the students in making them as well. 

Director Jordan Brown and music director Chris Reichmeier report that this year’s 8th graders are focused and dedicated and delivering remarkable work. For some students, the biggest challenge is simply staying in the game. For others, it’s a chance to stretch budding artistic identities. For everyone, it’s uniting. As you can imagine, the skills developed in performing live will transfer to everything: job interviews, sports tryouts, running for office, and finding positive energy as a parent when you’re actually having a low-energy day. We are excited to see what magic this group of students will bring to the stage, and in the years to come!

Disney’s The Lion King Jr. Will be performed in THREE WEEKS by the entire ABS 8th grade 

Where: First Presbyterian Church Worship Center, 200 N. Cherry Street, downtown W-S

When: Thursday, November 9,  7:00 p.m. Performance runs about 45 minutes.

Cost: Free, but we welcome your donation to cover theater costs.

Parking: available on the south side of 2nd Street across from the theater, between Marshall and Cherry. There are parking decks across the street on Cherry, as well.


Annual Giving

   We’re still going strong in the second week of Annual Giving!  The impact of your donations goes beyond mere financial support; it serves as a source of inspiration for our students and faculty. Knowing that you believe in our mission motivates us to work even harder to ensure that every child at the Arts Based School has the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

As we move forward, your generosity will enable us to:

  • Sustain and enhance our arts programs, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance.
  • Provide financial assistance to students who otherwise might not have the chance to participate in our programs.
  • Invest in the professional development of our talented educators, ensuring the highest quality instruction.
  • Maintain and improve our school facilities to create a welcoming and conducive environment for learning.

Total School Participation to Date: 21%

Total Gifts to Date: $41,905

To make your gift, send a check or visit https://www.artsbasedschool.com/apps/pages/giving

Thank you!

News from Parent Council

Here are the minutes from last week’s Parent Council meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 27 at 5:30pm.


Parent Council Meeting Recording

Parking Lot Safety Reminders

A few reminders to help keep our students safe:

  • Please do not park in handicapped spots (even for a quick minute) unless you have a placard.  Not only is it illegal but also inconsiderate for our families who require these specially designated parking spots.
  • While waiting in line to drop off or pick up, please do not block the entrance and exit to the childcare center on the corner of 7th and Patterson.  They need to be able to move their bus in/out and also maintain accessibility for emergency vehicles.
  • Please do not park on the sidewalk on 7th Street.  This is a no-parking zone.  Many students and families walk along those sidewalks each afternoon.  If a car is parked there it creates a safety hazard for our walking students.  
  • Thanks for everyone’s help in following the routines and procedures for carline to keep us safe.  Special thanks to Tony Baker and Tamara Davis, our morning traffic volunteers at North Campus.  Special thanks to our afternoon traffic volunteers at South Campus, Terry Brock, Ben Bizzel, Ashley Price, and Chloe Brashear!

ABS Book Fairs Oct 16-20

The Scholastic Book Fairs lasts two more days!!  We’re all having fun shopping and reading! Thanks to all our families for volunteering and supporting the bookfair!  Special thanks to Kristen Faulkner for serving as bookfair coordinator and volunteer extraordinaire!  

Bookmarks Author Visit

We are excited to welcome children's book author Ashley Belotte, who will visit ABS 1st grades as a guest of Bookmarks on October 26. The author will read from her funny new book, Witch and Wombat. To purchase a signed copy of the book, pre-order at THIS LINK. All pre-orders are due by Monday, October 23. 

Skate Night for ABS-Tonight

The ABS Builders Club is sponsoring a Skate Night on Thursday, October 19, from 6:30 - 8:00 at Skate Haven, 120 Hood Drive in Winston-Salem. The charge is $6.00, which covers the rental of skates. This event funds many charities the ABS Builders Club supports during the year. Also, put the next Skate Night on your calendar - Thursday, April 25, 2024. 

Halloween is Coming

Please do not send students to school in costumes. We all enjoy the fun and excitement of Halloween but find that costumes and accessories make it very difficult to concentrate. Also, we do not want students to bring candy in their lunch bags for snacks. Although it can be delicious, high-sugar snacks should not replace a healthy snack. Thanks for your help!


Prospective Parent Tours

School tours for prospective parents begin in October. They are scheduled weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30am at South Campus and Thursdays at 9:30am at North Campus. Each tour is limited to 10 adults in an effort to limit the disruption to our students and teachers in the classrooms. Parents interested in learning more about ABS and how to enroll their child, should contact the front office to sign up for a tour. 748-4116 ext 1023. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1. The lottery will be held the second Tuesday of February. 

Ways to get involved and learn more about ABS: