ABS Thursday Notes- August 17, 2023

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August 17, 2023

How We Do It and Why

By Mary Siebert

"In order to create, there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?"  - Igor Stravinsky


Welcome, familiar friends and new! Our first day of school breezed by smoothly, in the classrooms and hallways. There was joy in the air! I am the Arts Director at the Arts Based School, and nearly every Thursday you will find an article from me about our unique methods, the research supporting our philosophy, and inspirational moments in the classroom and school community. 

We believe that our approach “levels the playing field” so that your child has many options for appropriately challenging learning and accomplishment. We continually assess and reconsider our work with this important goal: helping your child become a successful student who loves learning. We focus on meeting each child where they are, and moving forward from there. Beyond that, we want our students to become confident, inspired, curious, creative problem-solvers. Sometimes, you are the missing link. Based on current research, here is how you can give your child the opportunities they desire and deserve. Make sure your child:

  • Gets 10 hours of sleep every night. (That’s right…TEN!)
  • Eats a nutritious breakfast every morning, avoiding sugary foods.
  • Brings a healthy snack and a water bottle, every day.
  • Arrives at school on time, and avoids early departure.
  • Gets outside and exercises after school and on weekends.
  • Has restricted, supervised  screen time
  • Reads at home daily. (Read aloud together!)
  • Talks with you about school and enjoys your help with learning, daily.
  • If your child takes medication, administer it appropriately and consistently. Make sure you send any meds, even cough drops, to the front office of your building with a medication form completed by the doctor. 
  • Even on difficult mornings, send your child off with a hug and loving words.

No amount of creative, dedicated, brilliantly-taught lessons or technology can replace the love and care you provide. Please, partner with us to make your child’s year at ABS the best it can possibly be, and we pledge to do the same!

Musical Instrument Donations Requested

The middle school band program is looking for donations of instruments, especially clarinets. Flutes and trumpets  are also gratefully accepted. Please leave your donation at the front desk of your building with your contact information so we can send you a thank you. We can also send a tax receipt for the value of the instrument. Email Mary Siebert with questions at [email protected]

Parking Lot Pointers

Thanks to you all for your patience as students and families learn the routines of drop off and pick up.  Please do you best to follow the rules and procedures in the parking lot.   This is not the place to get creative!  Predictable traffic patterns and pedestrian patterns help us keep everyone safer.   If others see you breaking the rules, then they start breaking the rules too.  Here are some helpful hints for pick-up and drop-off to help keep our students safe:

-Drive slowly and carefully through all school parking lots. 

-Please keep students in cars until 7:45. If you would like to get out earlier, please park in a marked parking spot and supervise your child outside of the car until 7:45. 

-Please have your student ready to get out of the car on the passenger side of the vehicle and move immediately to the sidewalk. Students can get out of the car once they are next to the sidewalk or potted plants.


-In the afternoon, please display your car sign on your dash on the passenger side until your child is in the car.

-If you must unload/load on the driver's side, please help us train our students to walk around the front of your vehicle so you can see them make it safely to the sidewalk.

-Please do not get out of your car in the carline. If your child needs extra help buckling and unbuckling, please park and assist your child until they can do that independently.

-Please stay in the line and do not pull around another car even if you are already loaded or unloaded.


-Please turn right when exiting onto 7th St during drop off and dismissal to keep the line moving.  


-If you have friends, or family members picking up for the first time, please review these expectations so they know what to do.

-Finally, please consider volunteering for morning drop-off or afternoon pickup. Extra adults are always helpful as students and parents learn the routine. Thanks!

Fall Enrollment Forms for All Returning and New Students are DUE NOW

We ask all families to please take a moment to complete your ABS student(s) registration for the new school year. ABS uses the software platform Enrollease to facilitate this process. Please register with Enrollease here. Once you have an account, you will login here, and then please complete the 2023-24 Required Student Form for each of your children who attend the Arts Based School.   

Last Day to Order ABS T-Shirt

We are happy to offer a fresh round of Arts Based School t-shirts! All shirts are a soft blended fabric available in youth and adult sizes, choose pink or black. Deadline to order is August 17, closes at midnight tonight All orders will ship to ABS (unless you elect to have them shipped to your home for an additional fee) on August 30. We will sort orders and send them home via Thursdays folders once we receive them! 

Place your orders here! 

Save the Date:

Earl’s, that great restaurant across the street from ABS North,  is hosting ABS night Sept 19, 4-6pm.  10% of proceeds will go to ABS for classroom supplies.  See flyer for more details.

ABS Teams Up With UNCSA Ballet

ABS is excited to announce a new partnership with the UNCSA Preparatory Dance Program and their Children’s Ballet Division. Starting in September, all Children’s Ballet classes for ages 3-7 will be held at ABS South campus.  (Many ABS families are currently enrolled or have participated in the program.) 

All ABS students receive 20% off tuition for the Friday 3:30pm Children’s Ballet Intro class. This class is mixed ages, for K-2nd graders. Just enter code ABS when you register. This code is not to be shared outside of the Arts Based School community.

The Friday Children’s Ballet Intro class is a ballet-focused creative movement class. It is dress-code optional to make transitioning from after-care to dance class a bit simpler.  


Additionally, any ABS parents receive 20% off tuition for Adult Ballet Classes, held on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings on UNCSA campus. 

Code:  ABS

Adult Beginner Ballet Monday evening:


Adult Intermediate Ballet Saturday morning:



Ways to get involved and learn more about ABS: