Remote Learning 101

Taking Attendance

On remote learning days, daily attendance will be taken in the student information system, PowerSchool. 

A student is considered present for daily attendance during a remote learning day:

  • If a student completes his/her daily assignments, either online or offline; or
  • If a student has a daily check-in, a two-way communication, with the appropriate teacher(s).
  • Teachers and counselors will check in with students/families who do not maintain regular attendance.

Learning Management Systems

The Learning Management System (LMS) will be used by each class or grade level to manage all the assignments and important information for families during Remote Learning.

  • Grades K-2 will use SeeSaw.
  • Grades 3-8 will use Google Classrooms.

Material Exchange

Each grade level team will gather the materials to distribute for students to support their online and offline learning. Typically, Materials Exchange will happen at the school on Flex Mondays, but not necessarily every flex Monday. Teachers will let you know the schedule for Materials Exchange.



  • Grade level teams will share the teaching load and deliver the same lessons each week. 
  • Each classroom teacher will also provide opportunities for “office hours.”
  • Schedules should be shared out to families by 9:00 on Monday mornings so they can plan for the week. 
  • Our goal is to provide consistent schedules so students and families have an idea of what to expect each week.


  • Students will have live/recorded lessons from specialists. 
  • The expectation is that work for specials will be completed just like core academic subjects.
  • K-4 grade students will have visual art, dance, or music twice a week and Spanish or PE once a week. 
  • 5-8 grade students will have visual art, drama, or music twice a week and Spanish or PE once a week. 
  • Grade levels will have an assigned time for specials.
Q:Why isn’t ABS following the same schedule as other schools? Those schools are following their normal schedule at home and going to every class each day.
A:We are aware that our schedule looks different from many others. We have scheduled our students to have multiple live options per day and also have time each day for independent work assigned by the teachers. Some of our “live” time is in the form of office hours so students can get extra help, ask questions, and chat with teachers. We received a lot of feedback from families and staff that students were spending too much time on screens last spring. This schedule allows time for students to work “paper/pencil” and independently.
Q: Why is the “class size” so big?
A:The whole grade level is invited to live lessons. In any given lesson, we don’t expect that everyone will be able to make it which is why all lessons will be recorded. In these large group live lessons, teachers will be demonstrating something or explaining something to the group. Students will be encouraged to use “reactions” and chat when necessary/relevant but this would not be the time for discussion and sharing with the whole group. For that type of lesson, teachers will schedule smaller groups, possibly use breakout rooms with certain ages, or schedule appointments with groups or individuals. This grade level instruction model allows teachers to schedule for individual meetings, small group meetings, and office hours to provide more individualized support.

Now that we have completed the first two weeks of Remote Instruction, we’d like to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey about Remote Learning at ABS. Remote Learning Feedback survey

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