Board Meeting Minutes » BOD Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2021

BOD Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2021

Meeting called to order at 11:30 am

The following were in attendance: Dara Silver, Robin Hollis, Paige Raper, David Ford, Chanita Coulter, Maya Gilliam, Elizabeth Repetti, Dara Silver, Stephanie LeFever, Mary Siebert, Bill Scheidt, Sherell McArthur, Griff Morgan, Tomisha Gladman, Kyle Barnes, Shannon Meares, Ellen Heck, LB Barron, Asher Ellis, Leah Lavin, Laura Lynne Frazier, Kelly Robertson, and Joy Blaser. 

Approval of Minutes – Tomisha Gladman (secretary) noted that an amendment be made to the August meeting minutes. The name of the vendor providing the optional and free polled testing program is Concentric by Ginkgo. Shannon moved for the approval of the minutes as amended. Minutes approved without opposition. 

Kyle Barnes provided a Review of the August Financials. August was a big spending month. Ellen Heck moved for the approval of the financial report. Motion passed without opposition.

Principal's Report: Principal Hollis presented the Principal’s Report

COVID Updates: We continue implementing all mitigation measures outlined in the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit. Our school nurse, funded through NCDHHS began September 8 and will continue to support our staff and students in maintaining a health school. We have completed two weeks of COVID pool testing (PCR) with approximately 78% of students and staff participating each week. So far results have been negative for COVID. In the event a positive is found in a pool, that pool will be notified and individual rapid antigen testing will be conducted for members of that pool. In accordance with the Toolkit, all teachers and staff must disclose vaccination status or consent to weekly testing.  

NC Senate Bill 654 was approved August 30, 2021 to provide additional relief to public schools in response to COVID-19. This comprehensive bill addresses many aspects of school operations including School Performance Grades, Remote Instruction for COVID closures and quarantines, teacher licensures, CPR graduation requirements, etc. One key point is that each school board must vote once a month on its mask policy. Currently our policy is to follow the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit which requires universal masking inside school buildings. We will need a motion and a vote to continue this policy.

  • Local Face Covering Policy (Senate Bill 654)  Bill Scheidt moved that we continue to follow the Strong School NC Public Toolkit, and continue to follow masking inside of school buildings. Motion passed without opposition.

Keeping Parents Informed: We’re doing our best to keep ABS families, staff and community updated with the latest information about our School Health and Safety plans. We will continue to provide information in multiple places, including our website, Thursday Notes and Parent Meetings. 


Committee Updates:

Diversity and Inclusion Committee: The proposed Arts Based School Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Statement was presented by Darla Sliver. Shannon Meares moved for an amendment to the statement adding “disability.” Griff Morgan moved for the approval of the ABS Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Statement with the suggested addition. Motion passed without opposition.  

Arts Based School Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Statement:

The Arts Based School (ABS) students are confident, independent learners who work cooperatively to solve real-life problems in a safe and supportive environment. ABS seeks to nurture an atmosphere of respect, openness and trust. At ABS, we are enriched through our appreciation of diversity’s many faces including but not limited to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, and socio-economic background. We are actively engaged in developing a culturally competent community that values equity, inclusion, and justice, and we continue to seek diversity among students,  faculty/staff, administrators and trustees. By honoring cultural differences and intellectual diversity ,we create a vibrant learning community where each person is valued.

Shannon Meares moved to adjourn. Motion passed and meeting adjourned.