Our students and their families are imperative to the success of our school. We believe that including families in our students’ education strengthens our relationship and helps build a sense of community.
Families play a pivotal role at The Arts Based School. A vital partnership is created between the home and school with caregivers viewed as the child’s first and most important teachers. We need and expect your help in educating our students.
We consider caregivers to be our closest partners and want all of the energy in that partnership to be focused on the students at The Arts Based School. Because of this close partnership, we feel strongly that families join our school only if they are comfortable with our philosophy.



Volunteering is an important commitment that each family makes to our school. Each family is expected to volunteer one hour per week for each child they have at the school. We welcome and encourage parents into our school to volunteer in a variety of ways. We are anxious to effectively utilize the talents and skills of our caregivers for our students. 


The greatest reason we make family involvement such a priority is for the success of our children. Research shows that active parent involvement causes children to behave better, learn better, score better on tests, and graduate at higher rates.